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Meet Andy Morales

Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, Andy is the son of a combat veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and a wine industry consultant. His parents taught him to work hard, respect others, and to never give up.


He’s running for Congress because we need someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to the status quo and put us first.

Andy’s Top Priorities

Invest in Us

It’s time we give everyone a fair chance to succeed. That’s why I support universal pre-K and tuition-free college because students should be preparing for their future, not digging themselves into crippling debt. It’s also why I support Medicare for All so folks can take care of themselves without going bankrupt.

Fight Extremism

Kevin McCarthy sold out to Trump and the MAGA mob to win his Speaker’s gavel – and now that they’ve turned their back on him, he’s more vulnerable than ever.  It’s time our leaders focused on real world issues, but Kevin and his cronies are too busy diving down conspiracy rabbit holes to get anything done. I will bring commonsense back to Congress because nothing works unless we work together.

Control the Climate

The valley is a crater where dust and emissions go to settle. That’s why I support the Green New Deal so we can fight climate change head-on and make sure our air and water are clean for our children. We have the chance to protect our natural resources and create good paying jobs for our community at the same time – I say we get to work.

Reform our Taxes

The days of Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump handing out tax breaks to their rich friends are over. Let’s install a fair tax system that promotes equal opportunity and gives the people a break for once. And let’s close the loopholes that allow corporations to dodge their taxes so they pay their fair share.

Protecting our Vote

When Kevin McCarthy voted to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, he firmly aligned himself with Donald Trump and his mob of election deniers. The rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6th were inspired by Kevin’s lies and dangerous rhetoric. We can’t let our country dissolve into chaos again. That’s why I think voting should be safe, secure, and easy – and we deserve leaders who believe in our democracy even if they lose.

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